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Epic Crash Goat Canyon Trail AZ

What a great trail, well if you are not a beginner. Rocks, rocks, and more rocks. I rode up Mesquite to Willow to Ford Canyon, to Goat Canyon. Epic day of riding.

BMW Popcorn Machine

Don’t think you can eat this

CAO America

While out smoking this we were forced from out back under cover in to the garage by a huge thunderstorm where it was literally raining sideways.  The wind and rain was awesome.  We brought the dogs out with us into the garage where we watched the show.  In our street we had a river in which my bulldog felt he had to go and get any stick or leaf that floated by.  He didn’t like the rain but he had to get the debris flowing past.

CAO America–  This is a different cigar than I am used to.  It was actually a decent cigar even though it was not particularly my type.  Burn-The America burned great.  I never had to relight or even touch up.  The draw was actually very tough.  I thought it was actually so tough that it hurt the over all experience.

Flavor-This was actually very hard to describe.  I wood say that it had notes of cedar and leather.  Towards the end, the last 1/4 just as with the CAO Brazilian  there was a minty taste which was a real turn off.  This comes on strong and fast.  Personally I would not buy this cigar again.

I paired this with Courvoisier VSOP which really hit the spot.

CAO American

Check out a great cigar Podcast The Cigar Authority 

Padilla Reserva and Stranded in Bagdad, AZ


I was told to go to Costco and get some Bulleit Bourbon. It was 1.75 liters for $35. I was a bit skeptical the Knob Creek was only $10 more which is still a good deal and I know I like that. I said hell with it I am going to take the risk. I hit the jackpot. Yum!  The Bulleit was actually awesome. It is actually very similar to Knob. I will say it was a bit spicier but had a great vanilla after taste.  Along with the bourbon I smoked a Padilla Reserva Cigar.   I will say it was a very good cigar. That being said it was not nearly as good as the Maduro version. This one was much more of a hay and leather like taste and lacked the chocolate and coffee notes. It burned very nice until about half way at which time it burned very uneven until one very big touch up.

 Next I had a 777 Zero which is a Connecticut wrapper and is very light and creamy.  I was trying this again because the second time I had this cigar I was not a fan.  It kinda had a metal taste I think that one was a dud. This one was very good once again. It also is only about $5 a stick which is a good deal. It burned very evenly and I throughly enjoyed it.
Yesterday I decided I need to go on a nice motorcycle ride. The plan was Phoenix to Bagdad to Skull Valley and back home. I was stuck in Bagdad where I was going to get gas but the electricity was out.  I was stranded for 4 hours before I tried to leave.  The plan was to ride back on 97 and if I got back to 93 before my gas light went on I would try and make it to Wickenburg.  Well that didn’t happen.  I drove back to Bagdad where a very nice guy had some 91 octane in his quad and gave me a gallon and a half which was enough.  This may not have been to bad except I didn’t get any cell service, imagine that. Yes I have AT&T.  They really are terrible.

It’s Time For All Pro Athletes to Be Role Models

So Paula Deen is being destroyed over racial slurs. Good! Lets set an example. Celebrities and especially Pro athletes are role models, well they are supposed to be. Paula Deen is getting attacked and losing her tv shows and book deals and yet sports players can kill, rape, steal, and attack people and as soon as they are out of jail or police custody they are on the field. This is a load of shit. Every league should demand these players act professionally and as role models. You go to jail for anything more than a DUI your career is over. You get a DUI half a year off no pay. Your a racist see DUI. Then you should have to get a normal job. Oh steroids first offense, your career is over. Why is is that in the US and probably other countries we don’t demand this.  According to Monte Burke, Forbes Staff there have been 34 arrests of NFL players since the Super Bowl.  We need to stop endorsing this.  It is not ok.

These players think that because of who they are they can do anything and it won’t effect their career, and they are right.


What are your thoughts and what can we do?




This week I would like to tell you about the best place on the web to buy motorcycle clothing and accessories.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 1.00.16 PMThe best part of RevZilla are the product review videos. For most of their products they have in-depth videos that will tell you everything you have to know. This is very helpful since you can not feel and touch the products. They will also compare them to other similar products. I am all about buying local but most shops do not have a good selection of motorcycle appeal or accessories. RevZilla also has free shipping, no hassle exchanges, no restocking fee, and a price match guarantee. Please visit them.




Stop the Bullshit its Time to Get in Shape

Are you still trying to decide it you need to workout.  Do you need a seatbelt extension on an airplane?  Can’t see your dick anymore?  Not getting as much sex at home?  Well its time to get off your ass.  There are many options to get started.  First start running!  Running burns serious calories.  If you have other activities such as biking or swimming you like that is ok but you can’t half ass it (an easy bike ride around the block is not a workout) and still running burns more calories.  The first 2 weeks it is ok to start easy but you have to progress.  If you can’t run for 20 minutes try 1 minute run 1 minute walk for 20 minutes.  Start at a slow pace either way and each week try and add about 5-10 minutes to your total for each run until you can run for 45-60 minutes straight.

The second piece of the puzzle is building muscle.  I don’t care if you go to a gym or not but few people can have enough motivation in the long run doing this at home.  The app that I like which is primarily body weight only is  YOU ARE YOUR OWN GYM.  It will create workout plans and is very user friendly.  If you want to do cross fit or some other bootcamp like activity this is ok.

If you are going to go the gym route try this to get started


Squats 15/2

Dumbbell Press 15/2

Cable Row or Machine 15/2

Lateral Arm Raises 15/2

Underhand Triceps Extensions 15/2

Biceps Curl 15/2

AB-Plank as long as possible x2

Crunches on the ball

If you don’t know how to do these check out this blog

If you have not been to the gym before get a book or get a trainer.  You DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING and WILL GET HURT or at the minimum not see results.  I do not say this to be an ass but I see it every time I am at the gym and I don’t want you wasting your time.  Your gym workouts should be an hour tops.

Start with this.  Just start doing something.  Next week we will look at how to start tweaking your diet.  Diet is 70% or your results but lets just start moving.


What to look for when buying a gym membership

Convenience is #1.  If you have to drive a long way I don’t care how much you want it and how much fine ass is there you will not be consistent.  Most gyms have plenty of quality equipment so this should not be much of an issue.

Price you have to be able to afford it but really most gyms are about $30 a month and if your health is not worth that you have bigger problems.  That being said a lot of times you can get out of the up front fees by saying that you are leaving if they don’t wave them.

Personal Trainers-  If you want a good trainer good luck now a days.  That being said if you are just starting out most of them will be fine.  Good certifications to look for are ACSM and NASM.  This does not mean that they are not a good trainer if they don’t have this certification but these and 2 very good ones to have.  Good Luck and comment or email questions.

Challenge: Run 2 times this week and get a gym membership or sign up for a bootcamp class of some sort.

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