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Baltimore Ravens Receiver Torrey Smith

I just saw a piece on the NBC news in Arizona about the Baltimore Ravens’ wide receiver Torrey Smith.  It’s the holiday season and here is a story about “the perfect man.”  Torrey’s mother was a teen popping out babies left and right.  He was the oldest of 7 children.  From the age of 4 he would put out cereal for his siblings and put them to bed to try and help out his mother.  He was the father figure for his brothers and sisters.  Torrey found his break with football.  He got a full ride to the University of Maryland.  His coach as well as his siblings say Torrey is a modest giving person that puts others first.  Now Torrey is a Baltimore Raven and still makes sure that his family has money before he spends it on himself.

Torrey is what professional sports lack.  Sports players have an obligation to be good role models and that is what part of their huge salaries go to.  We seldom see great role models now and players still demand higher pay.  I believe that all contract should have a clause where they loss a significant amount of money when they do not act like role models or professionals.

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  1. Dude is an absolute beast. He torched my Steelers in Pittsburgh a few weeks back for the winning TD…

    December 16, 2011 at 4:27 pm

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