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I Think We Survived the Apocalypse (End of the World) I Think!

Well I went to an end of the world party last night.  It was a lot of people from work.  We mostly talked about two other people from work.  Gossip, Gossip. I drank some delicious Anchor Porter.  It is in my top 10 favorite beers.  It is chocolaty goodness.


The party started at 6. I woke up at 6 and it was an hour away.  This basically equals I am not going to stay until 12 and see the end of the world.  Erin asked me if we would just sleep through the end and I said I hope so.  She said I want to see it, so I hit her in the shoulder hard and said it might hurt like that.  LOL.  Erin: ok i should sleep through it I guess.  Although tired as shit I said that we had to have sex because I am not dying without going out with a bang, I will use this line again tonight.  I think maybe the Mayans were just trying to get everyone laid.  I mean think about it.  Last night you could have went to a bar and used the Pitbull line “Can’t promise tomorrow
But, I promise tonight”.  So if you didn’t use this line last night it may still work tonight.  I can’t promise anything but its worth a try.

So I am now writing this blog so I lived through it.  Oh but maybe it ends tonight.  I am trying to figure out what cigar in the humidor would be appropriate for the end of the world.  I did buy some Zaya rum to have with it because I have heard good things but I have never tried an aged rum.

I will be making a Podcast tonight so look for it tomorrow.

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  1. Hey there! Thanks for revealing an angle to this whole “end of the world” thing that I hadn’t thought of, which is the ideal reason to get laid! I’m at work right now, but I might try it out one of the HOT and very sexy secys that I’ve wanted to bang in the worst way, ever since I first laid eyes on her totally amazing and curvaciously fuckable body, with full and sensuous blow job lips included, and a beautiful face to match!

    I figure that there’s a very real possibility this Mayan apocalypse thing may go down at straight up 12 Noon EST. So I’m gonna make my case to Ms. Totally Fuckable at 11:00 AM, that right now is the time for her to go down on me, and then I’ll bang her into mutually orgasmic oblivion! Thanks again, and wish me luck for some truly GREAT fucking! YEAH!!!

    December 21, 2012 at 9:03 am

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